Why do google ban websites from displaying google ads

One of the greatest fear google Adsense publishers have is the tendency of google placing a ban on their Adsense accounts as a result of some invalid activities as we fully explained in our previous article.

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Placing a ban on google Adsense from being displayed on a website a very little compared to what we have to write about in this specific article. For a google Adsense account to be disabled or banned, there are certain reasons which contribute to it and we have discussed it earlier in our previous article on Adsense ban. We are here basically to elaborate more on the reason why websites gets banned from displaying google Adsense ads and this time we are not concerned with the Adsense account being disabled or banned but of the website itself displaying the ads being banned. Of course it is a more severe experience having your website banned than having your google Adsense account banned. Reason is because, an Adsense account that is banned may be reopened if a proper appeal is filed for it.

And still the same website can be used to apply for Adsense again and get approved into the system. But considering a banned website, the URL can no longer be used to participate in google Adsense of any sort unless another ads publishing network and secondly, an appeal cannot be filed for a banned URL even if an appeal is written, the chance of consideration is always next to none.

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Speaking extensively about why google ban websites we shall be looking at some reasons which are considered the top reasons why websites gets banned by google. They are as follow:

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  1. Copying other websites content

It is considered a normal trend with bloggers when I say copying other websites contents and original articles and this is basically wrong considering the fact that many websites have the same content and words which is as a result of copied and pasted work. This is also considered one of the actions google hate the most with websites owners and they tend to be very serious with anyone who violates this rule. One good thing about google is that they will not ban your URL immediately but will take time to arrive at a crucial conclusion that your websites contents are copied from other websites.

Guide: if you want to copy a websites content, make sure you credit the website and include its link in the post. Example of how you credit a website is: credit; naij.com.

  1. Links leading to other websites

If your websites have links leading to other websites which are non conforming to google Adsense rules eg. Pornographic websites, gambling websites, gaming and host of other websites type which is not considered conforming by google.

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  1. Explicit content or sexually explicit content

When websites contain sexual content example; photos, videos and links. It would be very easy for google to ban a website that contains gambling, sexual contents and porn photos. Severally, people do make mistakes when it comes to linking their websites with other websites not considering the fact that some websites are not conforming to google Adsense rules.

You can read more about google Adsense rules and regulations @ www.Adsense.google.com

These above written reasons for placing a ban on a website by google if adhered to strictly, you’ll have to enjoy your website for longer than you can ever imagine.

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